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Screen Block Grabber 5.0

It enables you to take a screenshot with predefined dimensions
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Screen Block Grabber is a free screen capture utility that allows you to define the area of the screen that will be captured, to apply more than a dozen different digital effects to your screenshots, and to upload them to the image hosting service of your choice. The process is simple and efficient, making this tool suitable for all types of users.

The screen capture process is fairly straightforward and extremely flexible. Instead of just taking a shot of your screen automatically, Screen Block Grabber will open a window (following the dimensions you defined beforehand) and will let you move it around your desktop until it frames the exact “block” you need to “grab”. The size of the frame can be changed just as easily as you change the dimensions of a standard window - just pull or push any of its sides or corners until it fits the area to capture.

The captured image will appear in the program’s canvas, where you can then apply to it any of the fourteen image effects available, such as stained glass effect, sepia, gray scale, negative, emboss, or relief, among others. Each of these effects can be configured to fit your preferences, and if the resulting image does not look as you expected, you can always cancel all changes and go back to the original image at the click of a button.

Finally, you can set Screen Block Grabber to launch your preferred image hosting site, such as Photobucket, Flickr, Free Image Hosting, or Imageshack.

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  • Simple functionality
  • Interesting choice of special effects
  • Image effects allow for customization


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